Sessions, Forms, Insurance 


50 minutes

1st session

review client history & needs

treatment plan overview

Couple Therapy

50 minutes

couple work

one on one work

Lifespan Integration as needed

Variety of treatments

50 minutes

one on one work

Lifespan Integration as needed

variety of treatment options available

Lifespan Integration

50-100 minutes

core patterns

early trauma

PTSD, depression, & anxiety


Once we have talked and have set your appointment, please print out the following forms, complete them and bring them with you to your first session.

If you are coming in for couples counseling, please print out two each of all the forms below, #1-4.

If you are coming in for individual counseling, please print out two of the first form, and one each of forms #2-4.

Please carefully read the Informed Consent form. We will briefly discuss this in my office and you will sign it in my presence, keeping a copy for yourself.

  1. Informed Consent/Disclosure Statement

  2. Client Information

  3. Anxiety Assessment

  4. Depression Assessment


If you have medical insurance and are interested in using it for your therapy, please contact your insurance carrier prior to contacting me.

I would be considered an “out of network” provider, and you will need to ask them the following questions:

Question 1

Do they reimburse for therapy with “out of network” therapists?

Question 2

If so, at what percentage do they reimburse you the client?

Question 3

If you are seeking couples counseling, do they cover couples counseling?

When you have that information, please contact me and we will discuss your counseling needs.